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Although our main focus is providing the children with the care they deserve, we are involved in our communities holistically with a range of projects such as, but not limited to, the following:
Winter Hope – where we supply the children with a warm jacket and closed shoes, families with blankets and where we fix homes by rain proofing roofs to keep families warm and dry in the rainy, wet and cold Cape Town winter months. Follow the project  Facebook Page

Christmas – We supply each child with a Christmas experience in the form of a parcel made up of a brand new summer outfit, a brand new sturdy toy and some basic toiletries. For many, this is the only time they have ever received their own toothbrush! We also aim to supply each family with all the ingredients needed to prepare a Christmas lunch for their enjoyment. These parcels consist of a whole chicken, vegetables, rice, gravy, potatoes, cooking oil, spices and some jelly to make for desert.

Vegetable gardens – Besides running our own vegetable garden for the children, we also assist any interested community members to grow their own life supporting vegetables. We teach, provide much needed guidance, seeds, compost and tools to start and maintain a food source.

Building and maintenance – We offer assistance with any maintenance and building requirements particularly to single parent families where the only adult is in a constant struggle to survive and provide for the most basic but labour intensive needs of their families.

Skills development and income generation – Local unemployed people are invited to participate in skills development where they receive training and guidance to create art, furniture or any item within their skill set which we help market and sell as an income for the participants. We teach them basic business and entrepreneurship to help them grow these skills into a business opportunity. Follow the project  Facebook Page

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