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Although our main focus is providing the children with the care they deserve, we are involved in our communities holistically with a range of projects such as, but not limited to, the following:

Sunshine Souvenir Shop – A new project we are starting for which 100% of the funding goes to the daily wellbeing of our children. We sell T-shirts with the handprint of the children in our school, bracelets, gratitude rocks and Forever Aloe products.

Winter Hope – Where we supply the children with a warm jacket and closed shoes, families with blankets and where we fix homes by rain proofing roofs to keep families warm and dry in the rainy, wet and cold Cape Town winter months. Follow the project Facebook Page

Christmas – We supply each child with a Christmas experience in the form of a parcel made up of a brand new summer outfit, a brand new sturdy toy and some basic toiletries. For many, this is the only time they have ever received their own toothbrush! We also aim to supply each family with all the ingredients needed to prepare a Christmas lunch for their enjoyment. These parcels consist of a whole chicken, vegetables, rice, gravy, potatoes, cooking oil, spices and some jelly to make for desert. Follow the project Facebook Page

Skills development and income generation – Local unemployed people are invited to participate in skills development where they receive training and guidance to create art, furniture or any item within their skill set which we help market and sell as an income for the participants. We teach them basic business and entrepreneurship to help them grow these skills into a business opportunity. Follow the project  Facebook Page

New building project – This year, we desperately need to get new buildings for our preschool, as our current buildings are damaged beyond repair. 

We require 6 new buildings:

  • 4 classroom buildings
  • 1 kitchen/ teacher break room building
  • 1 Ablution building (toilets and wash basins)

The new buildings will enable us to be in a better position to become a registered school. We will also build new fencing around the buildings with a roofed play area to protect our children from the hot sun or rain. 

Youth & community centre – Immediately after constructing our new preschool, we wish to erect a youth and community centre where the school aged children can come after school to receive homework assistance, learn computers and technology, learn skills, spend time with better role models, participate in sports and other recreational activities and develop confidence, self-esteem and life skills.

The aim of the centre is to empower the young people to become more balanced individuals, to abstain from substance abuse and to lower the teenaged pregnancy rate in this area. Children currently get involved in alcohol and drugs from as young as 10 years old and most teenaged pregnancies occur around the age of 14.

Young people are bored, they have no activities, no guidance and no healthy outlets for their energy. They turn to negative influences as those are all around them and are much easier to participate in. We hope to give them a more constructive outlet for their energy and time.

The youth and community centre will also double as a place for adults to attend night school and finish their education. Many have grade 10 and 11 but were not able to complete grade 12. There are also several who were unable to study beyond year 7 and are now completely unemployable. We even have some adults who are completely illiterate and cannot even write their own names! We hope to change these statistics in the coming future. 

As Sunshine has been doubling up as a community centre, we have been allowing access to several different churches and religious organisations to make use of the buildings to hold church services, weddings and Sunday school for the young ones. The community centre will thus continue this role of making Sunshine a hub for the entire community and to help fulfil all their needs. 

The youth and community centre will require 4 buildings, a 5-a-side soccer field, a netball field, a skate park and an enclosed, roofed area where larger groups can meet, such as church groups, etc. 


PLEASE keep an eye out on our Facebook page for fundraising projects and help us raise the required money for these necessary programs! 

We require nearly R 3 000 000 to complete the centres for the children! It is a LOT to get in one place but if we get little bits in lots of places, it will be there before we know it! 

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