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A glimpse of daily life in the settlement

Can you change the stars?

I am lucky, and I count those lucky stars every day. Why you may wonder? Because I grew up in a big 3 story house with a big yard, with a sandpit and a swing. A playground just across the street and countless friends in my neighbourhood that I could play with. Riding my bike […]

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My first bad day

Everyone that knows me, knows that South-Africa is my home, Sunshine Educare is my home. It was love at first sight when I came here for the first time in 2014. When I went home after 5 months, I had that feeling that something was missing. Like that feeling you have when your significant other […]

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Sunshine’s fight for survival

An open letter to those who want to know… In 2010 I started working for the ACVV Koeberg where I assisted in opening my first preschool, Clever Kids Academy. I did it because I saw the deficit with which impoverished children begin life and how the system works against them having any hope at a […]

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