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The life of a child in poverty

Living a life in poverty is not always what we imagine. We read about it, drive past it, see it on social media and television but until you have spent time in the heart of it, the reality is far from the pictures. If one is used to a certain lifestyle; if a warm bed, […]

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Skandaalkamp settlement


Skandaalkamp is situated on the Frankdale Waste disposal site just off the N7 outside Cape Town. It is one of 4 camps on the dumpsite and is primarily what I would refer to as a “bush” settlement as a result of the poor service delivery the people of the area receive. They have no formal […]

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How Poverty affects YOU…


As parents, aunts and uncles, we strive to give the best to the children in our lives. From an early age we strive to ensure they have the best possible education. We do this by ensuring they receive the best preschool care to build a solid foundation on which they are able to build their […]

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