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The (non-conventional) path to happiness

New Year’s resolutions – we all make them and then we disappoint ourselves because we never stick to them. Journaling for therapy and writing down all the positive and good things that happened on a day basically goes like this. The first week you are invested and you do it every day – because let’s […]

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Sunshine in times of COVID-19

It is with a heavy heart and desperate plea that we send out this message on behalf of the people of Wolwerivier and your beloved Sunshine children. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc worldwide but nowhere has it created such desperate poverty as in South Africa. Since 27th of March we have been in hard lock […]

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Love during lockdown

I’ve got butterflies, big time. The “I can’t eat and sleep” kind of butterflies. The kind where you miss your loved one as soon as they leave the room. I finally know what Stevie Wonder and Donna Lewis are singing about. That Jack and Rose moment: “I’ll never let go. I promise.” This is what […]

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