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My Happy Place

Hi, my name is Nikki Pretorius and i’d like to welcome you to my happy place.

Nikki PretoriusEntering Skandaalkamp settlement is a powerful and emotional experience. It is evident from the first view that this is a place of hopelessness and desperation, yet the warmth of the greetings and the enthusiasm of the hello’s overwhelm you on arrival.

From children running after your car to the pre-schoolers chanting your name, there is NO warmer welcome anywhere in this world! Once out the car, groups of children run to hug you so tight that you feel you will fall over at any moment.

Darling little girls blow kisses and say “I love you baby” while little boys want your attention as they wiz around on their plastic push bikes. They can melt the coldest heart!

This is where I spend as much time as possible. This is where I go when the pressures and stresses of fundraising, management, bureaucracy and life require my batteries to recharge. When I’m down or need new motivation it is in the smiles of these little faces that I find inspiration!

It is a happy place of endless possibilities and belly laughter which I gladly share with anyone who wants to see it! If I could bottle the spirit, energy or beauty of these children – I would never need to fundraise every again! It would sell for more than the elixir of eternal life!

Journey with me, follow my blogs, connect with me on Facebook and share just a small part of the amazing life I live alongside these children. Previously forgotten ghosts in a gloomy life of neglect and poverty but now happy, healthy little sponges filling up with knowledge and new skills.

They are my pride and joy.





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