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How We Stay Alive

Simply put, we stay alive through the generosity and compassion of others. We rely 100% on donations of cash and goodies!

We have some amazing sponsors such as KILROY who generously donated our current classrooms, some resources and a monthly contribution, supporters and volunteers through SAVE Volunteering and several other loyal supporters and donors who are always there when we need them! For that we are eternally grateful!

Most of all, especially with the added peace of mind it offers – long term sponsors who commit to a small monthly amount which helps us to literally put food on the table of these precious little ones!Forgotten Children

Volunteers assist us to provide essential care and a loving environment while teaching the children all the required skills to be ready for the challenges of their academic future.

Combined, the above offers us the ability to provide two lovingly prepared meals, keep the children warm and clothed as well as giving them the best possible start in life! It also enables us to run community programs and offer those over preschool age the ability to learn new skills, put some fresh produce on the table or even just the dignity of becoming a registered citizen. Without these, we cannot achieve any of our goals and dreams!

These items are all monthly necessities! Without them, we simply cannot provide the care our babies need! These are not our only expenses though! We also support the full community on a needs basis:

Food parcels to foster homes, the elderly, the unemployed, etc.




Medical expenses

School shoes and stationery

School bags, uniforms, sports equipment

Funeral expenses

Transport money for various emergencies and situations

Photocopies, laminating and printing of essential documents, job applications and curriculum vitaes

Furniture, linen and homeware for those who have nothing

Clothing for interviews, special occasions or just every day

We also run two annual campaigns for the children:

Christmas for the kids
Here we supply every child with a new toy, new basic summer outfit and toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste and soap)

Winter Hope

Every child receives a warm winter jacket and a pair of closed shoes
We fix leaking roofs and structures to help protect families from the harsh elements

All of the above relies 100% on the kindness and generosity of sponsors and donors. As we are situated in an informal settlement on the dumpsite, the preschool can not be registered and as such, is not eligible for government assistance or funding. The people we work with are mostly unemployed and cannot afford to contribute at all. Thus, the ONLY way we are able to assist is through the generosity of others.

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