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nikki-pretoriusNikki Pretorius

Founder. Instigator and general fire starter. Without Nikki there would be no school. She’s the bringer of smiles to everyone she comes into contact with.

Nick PAlmerNick Palmer

Business owner and marketing wiz, he helps raise funds from donors, worm advertising out of the media, and build our internet profile.



Natalie HeeleyNatalie Heeley

Has become our fundraising angel. Natalie is one of the UK’s top Multi Level Marketing Stars. She is also a motivational speaker, global business coach, author and a mum.


kilroy-foundation-logo-green-border-white-bckgrndKILROY Foundation

KILROY Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 2013 to improve education opportunities throughout the world. The foundation does this through aid projects related to education as well as handing out student grants in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The first project supported by the KILROY Foundation is the establishment and operation of Sunshine Educare – a pre-school initiative in a township outside Cape Town, South Africa.

VolunteeringSAVE Foundation

The SAVE Foundation was started in 2006 by Carla Ferreira, when it became apparent that many projects within the local townships needed support. Since its launch it has seen great success both locally and internationally, and has resulted in the starting and continued support of six crèches, multiple vegetable gardens, community upliftment, sport development, and animal drives. We offer non-profit and transparent community and conservation programs that help the immediate community.

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